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Hemp-Lime Building Workshop
July 12th-14th

About Us

NWLLCC's Mission Statement

Why a Hemp Community Land Trust (HCLT)?

Northwest Living and Learning Community Collaborative (NWLLCC) restores BIPOC communities using a HCLT (Hemp Community Land Trust) model for building affordable homes, creating jobs and
educational spaces for land stewardship, and community building.

There is a huge need for affordable housing in the state of Washington.  Additionally, the built environment accounts for around 40% of global C02 emissions. Building with hemp-lime affords the benefits of being, a moisture regulating vapor-open, fire resistance, non-toxic insulation material that is made from hemp, lime and water.  Thus, we could make more affordable housing that is also carbon sequestering, energy efficient and free of VOCs and unhealthy materials.  The North West Living & Learning Community Collaborative aims to be a departure from the status quo by using hempcrete to build and sequester carbon in the built environment. NWLLCC is a BIPOC led, hemp grown, nature preserving CLT with a vision of how to live in balance with nature.  

A beyond boundaries intersectional approach to
Building for a "Just Transition" world, by
Creating community collective energy

Image by Jadon Kelly

Net-Zero Energy

South facing building(s) allow for passive solar heating & optimum angle for solar panels negating energy costs. Battery backups to keep the lights & heat on during major climate events.

Image by Matteo Paganelli

Carbon Sequestration

Buildings made from Hempcrete and other natural building materials that sequester Carbon into the structure from plant fibers grown locally in Washington State.  

Picking Apples in Orchard

Regenative Landscape Design

Permaculture/Regenerative Agriculture landscape design to provide food abundance, cycle nutrients and keep water and carbon in the trees & soil. Having access to 

Image by Alex Perez

Water Conservation

A combination of graywater systems and rainwater catchment in order to lower water use while also providing water for irrigating the landscape.


BIPOC Land Trust Affordable Housing

Various styles of affordable housing on-site to support the housing crisis. Community Land Trust (CLT) model that enhances affordability.

Youth Basketball Game

Common Space & Tools

 Art, Education, Dining, Convention space, Recreation Technology Sports, transportation hub and more. One place that houses something appealing to everyone in the family.  All indoors 


Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge we are residing on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Lummi People. The Lummi People are the original inhabitants of Washington's northernmost coast and southern British Columbia. They lived in villages throughout this territory and continue to have an ongoing relationship with these areas. Since Time Immemorial they have celebrated life on their land, water ways and on the traditional, ancestral and unceded lands of their People to perpetuate their way of life. Please join us in taking a moment of silence as we honor their ancestors and as we acknowledge the past, present and future Lummi People as the original inhabitants of this land.

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